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16743 Dingman-Slagle Rd, 45365, United States
Detailed Information Verified Contractor Trust IconOhio small-diameter trenchless pipe repair is our specialty.

Over 500 successfully installed inversion CIPP from 4” to 12” of all pipe materials. We own all of our own equipment from hydro-vac truck to large excavators and dump trucks. Emergency services available!

Currently doing work in western Ohio along I-75 and surrounding areas!

Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP)

Trenchless CIPP

  • The more modern version of pipe rehabilitation (since 1970s)
  • Broken, or missing sewage pipe repair completed in hours
  • Our epoxy resin liner doesn’t shrink
  • Capable of repairing pipe used for sewer, water, gas, and chemicals
  • Resins adheres directly to the ENTIRE pipe, which seals any crack or broken and missing sections of pipe, and doesn’t allow slipping
  • It is Seamless from beginning to end
  • Thickness ranges 3mm- 15mm, which leaves your pipe as close to original size as possible.
  • It can flex to adjust to pipe size changes (4″-6″, or 10″ to 12″ for example)
  • Its flexible enough to turn 90s and 45s
  • Cure time is 2 hr. approx. (based on standard 4″ pipe 100′ or shorter) (bigger and longer pipe takes more time)Customers can get back to their daily lives sooner

Manufacture carries 50 year guarantee

although many have already lasted up to 80 years

Your choice for Ohio trenchless pipe repair!

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16743 Dingman-Slagle Rd Sidney, OH 45365

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