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Whether you need to repair blocked drains, broken pipes or any other emergency service, you can count on The Best Hand in the Game.

Royal Flush Plumbing, Inc. is a family owned, full-service pipe lining company that has been serving Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts for over 30 years. Jim Watson established his one-man plumbing company after immigrating to East Providence, Rhode Island in his late 20’s. Jim grew up just outside of Glasgow, Scotland and he was a fearless, travel- ready go getter. When the opportunity came in1982 to be a journeyman plumber in South Africa, Jim seized the opportunity. In Johannesburg, Jim established his first plumbing company and began raising his family. They ended up in Rhode Island to be close to their extended family.

Marc Watson joined his father in the business in 2006 shortly after completing his college courses. In 2017, the company began offering pipelining and hydro coating services and within a year, their new services were in such high demand that the company began focusing solely on trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

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Hydro Pipe Lining in Southern New England

Royal Flush Southern New England’s number one choice for commercial and residential drain cleaning and pipe repairs.

Royal Flush has introduced a new hydro pipe lining system to the market.

Hydro pipe lining is changing the way pipes are repaired and replaced around the world.

This advanced technology allows for no dig repair to existing broken or ruptured pipes.

Sewer mains and storm drains can be lined and restored to better than new condition without digging up the old pipes, prevents any root intrusion or exfiltration of water into soil

Normally your only option would be to dig up your cellar floor, front porch or driveway and manually replace the pipe.

Today, Royal Flush is bringing you an all new option, Hydro Pipe Lining.

Here’s how the new process works.

One. Using a sewer video inspection camera we inspect the damaged pipe.

Two. We then hydro jet the pipe to remove any roots or build up.

Three. A hydro Liner and bladder are then inserted into the pipe and the curing process begins.

Four. Once the liner is cured the bladder is extracted leaving a completely new pipe.

Note, A small pit may be required to gain access to the pipe depending on its location.

The entire process takes less than a day.


  • Repairs pipes to a better than new condition with a 50 year life expectancy.
  • No destruction of roads, sidewalks, landscaping, or loss of trees
  • No destruction of interior walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Cure in place pipe (CIPP) stops I/I (inflow and infiltration). “It stops ground water from coming in and sewage from seeping out”
  • Lining is often less expensive than traditional repair methods
  • Eliminates roots, Guaranteed.
  • Lining can span voids in cracked or broken pipes
  • No downtime for you business
  • Most repairs take less than one day and can be done overnight, which means that your business can continue to earn you money.
  • Lining pipes is a green repair method. No disruption of plants and trees, and no needless digging up old clay, asbestos, cast iron, orange-burg, pipes and putting it into landfills.

For trenchless pipe lining throughout Southern New England, call Royal Flush!

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