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A Pipelining Company Demonstrates the process of trenchless pipe rehabilitation throughout the Southeast U.S.
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1926 Richland Avenue E, Aiken, SC, South Carolina 29801, United States
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Trenchless Technology For The Southeast

South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

Our name says it all: Pipe Lining Company, A CIP PIPE, LLC Company. We have the technology, equipment, and personnel to take care of leaking pipes without damage to your property and with a price advantage over traditional dig and replace procedures. We have handled major projects in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Alabama.

All states on the eastern seaboard are serviced from our headquarters in Aiken, SC. Additionally, we serve the rest of the United States through our nationwide affiliate program. Our teams are ready to roll on short notice if needed. Before you call a plumber and waste money on traditional dig and replace services, call Pipe Lining Company, A CIP PIPE, LLC Company at 844-888-PIPE (7473).


Our structural liner process is a patented, non-destructive technology that allows people occupying the building to continue with their daily activities — preventing displacement, business closure and minimizing pipe system down time. This innovative CIPP lining system creates a long-term, structural pipe inside the existing host pipe system. The pipe is rehabilitated to a better-than-new condition, with an increased flow rate, strengthened joints, sealed cracks and elimination of groundwater pollution.

Serving The USA

Because what we do is so specialized and requires extensive training and specialized equipment, there are few companies in the Southeast capable of offering the same services we do. We offer professional pipe lining, relining and high pressure jetting services in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities and we service major accounts anywhere in the United States. Our teams serve the Southeast and Eastern Seaboard and our affiliates cover the nation.

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1926 Richland Avenue E

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